DeSantis Governor Holster – The Dual Angle Hunter Reviewed

In the event that you are searching for a Smith and Wesson Governor holster to convey and secure your gun venture at that point investigate the DeSantis Governor holster called the Dual Angle Hunter.

There are various reasons I picked this Governor holster over the others accessible and not on the grounds that it’s essentially better; it simply ends up having the highlights I was searching for.

Most importantly, DeSantis makes a quality item. They are exceptionally regarded and when you look their holsters over you know why. Indeed, even the Smith and Wesson execution shop picked a portion of their holsters to suggest for specific guns.

Second, this model has a thumb break to make sure about the gun in the holster. Once more, not that this element improves this holster than the others, it just suits my motivations well. DeSantis makes some other pleasant ones too.

Third, the Dual Angle Hunter is a lined holster which I idea may keep the dark completion somewhat more pleasant for somewhat more. There are differing sig p320 owb holster feelings on lined versus unlined holsters, however I like the lined ones for a costly pistol like the Smith and Wesson Governor.

Fourth, this Governor holster is, as it were, two holsters in one since it permits you to continue either your solid side with a suitable plot for a simple draw and the cross draw alternative which may work out better when chasing.

Thumb Break Too Tight?

Next I might want to address whether or not the thumb break is excessively close. DeSantis remembers a note for the sack with the holster saying that they purposefully make the holsters with thumb break to have a cozy fit.

One proposal they have is that you really work the thumb get through a break in period, and I have surely needed to do that with other producer’s thumb break holsters.

However for this S&W Governor holster I found that the thumb break fit completely directly out of the pack. There was no break in needed at all for me with the one I purchased.

Should you have to, in any case, they suggest a cycle of really pulling on the thumb break lash while pushing the dumped gun immovably into the holster and afterward secure it.

By and by I can vouch for this strategy working with different holsters and guns I have had before, yet once more, no break in required on my Dual Angle Hunter Governor holster.

Would it be advisable for me to Oil My Governor Holster?

With any calfskin item one may be enticed to “treat” the cowhide to protect it, make is look better and expectation it keeps going longer.

Kindly don’t do this with your DeSantis Governor holster as a similar note included with the holster discussing the thumb break likewise unmistakably expresses that applying calfskin dressing, mink oil or glove dressing isn’t suggested.

Why not, you inquire?

Oiling your holster or even the way toward “massaging” it will remove the maintenance properties that are planned into their calfskin holsters.

Also, the producer expresses that they won’t supplant any holster that has been oiled or worked, so kindly don’t do that to yours.

Generally I am extremely satisfied with the DeSantis Dual Angle Hunter Smith and Wesson Governor holster. The cost was sensible, Amazon dispatched speedily and it fit entirely directly out of the pack.

It conveys easily and holds the gun safely.